Loyalty Programs with Blockchain for AdTech Company

Loyalty Programs with Blockchain for AdTech Company


This case study delves into a significant project undertaken by Antematter, showcasing the pivotal role it played in advancing a major initiative in the AdTech sector. It highlights the innovative approaches and technologies implemented to address key challenges in data collection and user engagement, thereby reshaping consumer data management and monetization.

Client Background

About the Project: Our client was within the evolving AdTech sphere and tackled the challenge of restricted brand-consumer interactions and efficient data harvesting due to prevalent industry barriers. Launching an innovative mobile application platform in 2018, the client quickly gained momentum, marking a notable presence in the domain of consumer data ownership and monetization.

Challenges and Goals: The journey encompassed numerous hurdles, including elevated data collection costs, privacy issues, limited incentives for data sharing, and constraints in accessing customer profiles. This led to the collaboration with Antematter, aiming to establish direct, incentivized data collection methods, thus reducing costs and enhancing brand-consumer interactions.

Problem Statement

The project focused on two main areas:

  1. User Acquisition Friction: The necessity of downloading the native application on Android and iOS was perceived as a barrier to user acquisition.
  2. Unsustainable User Payouts: The linear increase in payouts with an expanding user base was financially unsustainable, posing a threat to long-term business viability.

However, the core issue extended beyond these operational challenges. The client was in search of a dependable engineering partner who could not only understand and address these concerns but also align with the overarching vision for the project. Through a meticulous vetting process, Antematter demonstrated its ability to allay the client's concerns by presenting a robust track record of resolving similar challenges in the AdTech space.

Project Objectives

We were tasked with developing:

  • Scalable backend infrastructure capable of managing large data volumes.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation.
  • Secure, hassle-free custodial wallet management.
  • Web application emulating native app features, such as push notifications and location tracking.


We employed innovative strategies and technologies:

  • Backend Solutions: Utilization of Hasura for backend services ensured efficient scaling and authorization.
  • Custodial Wallets: Adoption of hierarchical deterministic wallets simplified user experiences in blockchain integration.
  • Compressed NFTs (cNFTs): Implementation of cNFTs on the Solana blockchain significantly reduced minting costs.
  • Progressive Web Application: The client’s app was developed as a PWA, mimicking native app functionalities and enhancing user engagement.

Results & Highlights

The collaboration led to significant milestones:

  • Grant Acquisition: Securing a grant from the Solana Foundation for migration from Polygon to Solana.
  • Enhanced Client Pitching: Advanced features facilitated pitches to bigger end-clients, leading to efficient data collection and insights. Notable Achievements:
  • Conversion Rate Success: The initial rollout saw a remarkable 21% conversion rate.
    • Data Insights: Gathering of 68 valuable data points, aiding in informed decision-making.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Drastic reduction in client acquisition costs from $700 to $6.
    • Customer Engagement: A 65% boost in customer feedback response rates.


The collaboration with Antematter led to transformative outcomes for the client's project in the AdTech industry, marking a leap forward in the realm of direct data collection and consumer empowerment. Our engineering expertise was instrumental in the project's realization which shows our adeptness in aligning with a client’s vision and driving the project towards the discovery of new revenue streams and the formation of strategic partnerships, thereby reinforcing our reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions within the AdTech landscape.