The world moves fast, your software should move faster. We develop and improve cutting-edge solutions using Blockchain & AI with one guarantee: maximum performance, in every sense of the word.

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Performance has many faces

52% of all digital initiatives take too long to realize value. This number is much higher for frontier technologies such Generative AI or Blockchain.

The initiatives fail at 4 levels of performance:

  • Ideation: businesses adopt frontier technology too late.

  • Implementation: implementations ignore the cultural component of successful technology implementation.

  • Cost-effectiveness: solutions are expensive, slow, and have bad user experience.

  • Talent: teams lose motivation, innovation, and direction under bureaucratic processes.

With our deep expertise in developing performant software and agile engineering culture, we excel at solving the performance troubles in frontier technology implementation at all levels.

We are specialists in solving




Performance issues with Web3 applications

High transaction costs on Blockchain

Architectural bottlenecks for Web3 applications

Smart contract UX optimization




Hallucination issues with Generative AI

Retrieval Issues

High deployment costs for AI




High costs for cloud infrastructure

Infrastructure monitoring

Technical debt reduction

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Get a Project Review

Gain expert insights with a one-time review to pinpoint weaknesses in your project’s architecture and codebase, ensuring a robust performance roadmap.

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Get an extra pair of eyes to take a look at your project

Identify key areas of weakness in architecture, codebase, delivery, or processes

Expert advice on solving your performance challenges

Comprehensive report on the issues identified along with recommendations

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Performance Opt

Achieve guaranteed performance enhancements with a flat-rate, hands-on optimization service tailored to the scope and needs of your project.

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Flat, transparent pricing based on the scope of the project

Guaranteed performance improvements for your product

Comprehensive performance assessment with reports

Hands-on diagnosis and fixes

Scale Your Team

Expand your capabilities without the overhead with our flexible staffing solutions, including monthly strategy sessions and full project management.

Monthly Pricing
Expert Staffing
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Flexible staffing option: scale up or down whenever.

No HR, or Project Management headache for you. We handle it.

Monthly strategy meetings with senior leadership.

Future-proof planning and precise execution, both.

Constant risk-monitoring and KPI-measurements.

Quick wins & incremental improvements to optimize TTV.

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