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Amidst a 52% digital initiative failure rate, we ensure swift and successful outcomes for CTOs seeking to integrate disruptive tech. Risk-free and KPI-driven.

What problem are we solving?

52% of all digital initiatives take too long to realize value. This number is much higher for disruptive technologies such as Generative AI, Blockchain or Cloud Computing.

Per Gartner, talent problems present a key impasse for emerging technologies, with IT executives citing them ahead of implementation costs and security risks.

Over the years, we’ve developed key capabilities in frontier tech that overlay hard skills with a strategy focus. We don’t just implement, we assess and push back.

We strip disruptive tech of its hype, designing and executing a risk-free and KPI-driven roadmap to empower you with functional benefits of next-gen tech.

What are our capabilities?



Generative AI

AI’s recent breakthrough lies in Generative AI & LLMs. At Antematter, we have cultivated in-house expertise to harness these technologies, providing solutions that advise, create, code, automate and protect.

We can cocreate your strategy to AI-enablement and ensure timely execution.




This technology underpinning Web3 is poised to transform modern economy. Having built several blockchain-powered solutions in finance & social media, we understand both the technology and its philosophy.

We can decentralize you the right way and only where it makes sense.



Cloud Computing

Being Cloud-first can unlock agility, scalability and cost-efficiency. Whether it is migration, optimization or laying the groundwork, our cloud expertise helps deliver a seamless transition, unlocking aforesaid outcomes.

We can empower you with cloud enablement, taking care of everything end-to-end.

Unlocking disruption

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Hire an expert

MonthlySkilled staffing
Why us?
  • Close skills gap in emerging tech in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Not just FTEs, our experts have staffing-specific training.
  • Scale up or down as needed, no strings attached.
  • Holistic incentives to ensure an expert’s optimal performance.
  • Partner success meetings to ensure continuous improvement.
Custom pricing

Reduce tech debt

KPI-based pricingDisruptive tech
Why us?
  • You pay us based on outcomes, not effort.
  • Comprehensive assessments to identify debt.
  • Scrum or Kanban, whatever you’re using, we can plug in seamlessly.
  • Set up of systemic procedures to avoid future debt.
Custom Pricing


KPI-based pricingDisruptive tech
Why us?
  • You pay us based on outcomes, not effort.
  • Future-proof planning and precise execution, both.
  • Constant risk-monitoring and KPI-measurements.
  • Quick wins & incremental improvements to optimize TTV.
  • Post-implementation support & training for your teams.

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Our process starts with a studious assessment of your current state, business goals, desired outcomes and results of past digitization efforts. Then, we design a strategic roadmap, drawing on our mastery and experience of disruptive tech. Risk is constantly monitored throughout implementation at regular intervals and proactively mitigated.