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For Web3, scaling means surviving. We unlock your scaling potential via secure solutions that ensure you're ready for the next million users for your dapp.

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What problem are we solving?

Our expertise in connecting disconnected decentralized networks ensures a seamless cross-chain experience, bridging the gaps between appchains, L1s, L2s, and L0s.

Our specialized web3 scaling solutions boost your dapp's throughput, ensuring real-time transaction experiences for users.

Our scalability audits optimize transaction costs, maintaining efficiency without increasing Gas Fees.

We ensure that web3 platforms scale without compromising on-chain security, striking a balance between scaling and security.

How we solve it



Scalability Analysis

We audit your codebase architecture, smart contracts, UX, inter-operability concerns and salient security issues. It's the perfect way to save costs on security audits later on.

We quantify our recommendations so you know the actionable steps right away.



Full Technical Audit

Having looked at your codebase end-to-end, we are best positioned to do a Gas & Security audit, which is priced per vulnerability & gas improvement.

After a Full Technical Audit, you're ready to hit the market.



Multi-chain Comparison

For certain projects, the choice of blockchains is crucial. We compute relevant statistics for your application on different blockchains to give you a holistic view of scaling pathways available to you.

It doesn't end with just statistics: we include a complete list of support tools available on the different chains so you can plan your roadmap accordingly.



Scalable Development

We don't stop with just words: we are ready to get operationally involved and help you hit the targets we set in our audits.

We'll prepare all the training material for your dev team and provide on-going support to ensure your long-term success.

Ready to save your costs?

Scalability Audit

One-time payment
Key Features:
  • Identifying bottlenecks in architecture and triage
  • Complete UX map and how to improve it
  • Comparison of current architecture w/ scalable architecture
  • Identification of salient security issues
  • Smart Contract Optimizations

Full Technical Audit

One-time paymentGas Audit
Everything in scalability audit, Plus:

Scalable Development

Custom Pricing
KPI-based pricing
Custom offering:
  • Work with our Scalability Experts to meet your scaling KPIs.
  • Ideal for large teams and enterprises looking to future-proof their products.

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Frequent questions

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Yes! We try to assess your project in terms of what scalability means for you. Of course, there are some general aspects in which it's the same for every project -- for example, smart contract optimizations, gas costs, etc. But for the most part, every project has its own scaling requirements and it's best viewed with that lens. Check out our case studies to learn more!