Gasless Blockchain Architecture for a Web3 game

Gasless Blockchain Architecture for a Web3 game

Problem Statement

The client, a Web3 gaming company with a workforce of over 100 employees, is backed by leading crypto VC funds. They are currently faced with the challenge of developing a fully on-chain quest-based storytelling game that extends to multiple chains. However, given their background in Web2, they lack the necessary expertise and resources to effectively handle the blockchain aspects of the project.


In order to meet the client's requirements, we offered a high-quality staff augmentation of our Web3 specialists who took charge of the blockchain aspect of the project. Our skilled team efficiently handled the research, development, and deployment of game contracts, cross-chain mirroring, and the implementation of a Seadrop compatible NFT drops contract on Ethereum Mainnet and the Polygon Supernets App-chain.


Through our collaboration, we achieved the following milestones:

  1. Fully On-chain Quest-based Storytelling Game: We have achieved the successful development and deployment of a fully on-chain quest-based storytelling game that extends to multiple chains, guaranteeing users a seamless and immersive gaming experience.
  2. Customized Application Chain for Scalability and Security: By harnessing the capabilities of Polygon Supernets, we have developed a tailored application chain that addresses the game's scalability and security needs. This customized solution guarantees optimal gameplay performance and reinforces security measures.
  3. Cross-chain Integration: In order to ensure both security and scalability, we successfully implemented inter-chain integration. The game assets were deployed on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon PoS, while the game logic contracts were implemented on the app-chain powered by Polygon Supernets. This innovative architecture enables secure and efficient interactions between different chains, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  4. Opensea's Seadrop Compatible ERC721 Tokens: Our team successfully implemented the Seadrop compatible ERC721 standard tokens, facilitating the smooth trading and distribution of in-game assets. This integration enables the seamless distribution of public, allow-list, and token-gated NFT drops.
  5. Mirroring Model for Mainnet Trade and Appchain Gameplay: We have implemented a mirroring model that enables users to seamlessly trade assets on the mainnet while enjoying gameplay on the app-chain. This innovative approach ensures a smooth and uninterrupted user experience while preserving the integrity of the in-game economy.


These achievements showcase our ability to harness the power of Web3 technologies and our expertise to enhance the project, empowering the client to provide a state-of-the-art gaming experience across multiple chains.