Enterprise Decentralized Social Media Platform

Enterprise Decentralized Social Media Platform

Client Background

The client is an experienced enterprise CTO with a wealth of knowledge in technology management and establishing global technology operations, including revolutionizing the technology utilized by Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, he is leading Web3 project that offers a platform for athletes, artists, and other public figures to connect with their audience in a more dynamic and captivating manner. The concept revolves around leveraging digital collectibles (NFTs) to elevate the bond between creator and consumer, while also generating innovative streams of revenue.

Problem Statement

The client is facing a significant challenge as there is currently no existing platform that utilizes Web3 technologies to facilitate interactions between creators and consumers through geo-fencing. To make matters even more complex, accomplishing this in a fully decentralized manner is extremely difficult.

The client is directly confronted with the limitations imposed by blockchain technology. Some of the project's challenges include:

  1. Scalability issues on Ethereum

  2. Large smart contracts that exceed EVM limitations due to their complex functionality

  3. Being understaffed due to funding constraints

  4. Difficulty in finding experienced talent to solve the aforementioned problems


Our team of experts specializes in addressing scalability challenges in blockchain technology. Through a staff augmentation arrangement, we provided our highly skilled Scalability Expert to assist the client's team. The addition of our expert has successfully resolved several critical infrastructure challenges, including the recent and significant achievement of resolving on-chain data availability issues through the use of an indexer. This engagement is ongoing and will continue to evolve over time.

Results & Highlights

  • Several smart contracts in the project were upgradeable and implemented using a factory mechanism. Verifying these contracts on platforms like Etherscan posed a challenge and hindered the deployment process. However, our expert astutely identified the issue and implemented manual deployment for these contracts, effectively resolving the problem.
  • In addition, our expert has developed smart contracts for various functionalities. These functionalities encompass a subscription manager that facilitates the trading of digital collectibles, a token contract with the ability to wrap a bitcoin ordinal, and a third-party contract for verifying the profiles of users on Instagram and Twitter.
  • The project faced a significant challenge with on-chain data availability. It was difficult to obtain accurate and up-to-date data from the blockchain due to the possibility of block reorganization and potential failures in blockchain calls. To address this issue, our expert developed custom indexes that actively monitor every finalized block on the chain and continuously retrieve new data. This solution, which involves the use of custom data structures, database entities, and server logic, introduces a fail-safe mechanism to quickly archive new data. As a result, the number of remote calls to the blockchain has been greatly reduced, thereby enhancing the project's scalability potential.


This case study demonstrates our comprehensive understanding of the scalability challenges encountered by Web3 projects. We have cultivated internal proficiency in blockchain scalability and its solutions, pooling our collective knowledge of such issues in our client engagements. Our expert has provided significant value to our client by successfully resolving critical challenges and actively participating in the project's development.